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The Whitney Houston Digital Card GIF NFT is a stunning and exclusive collection of 1000 digital artworks that commemorate the extraordinary talent of the late singer Whitney Houston. Each NFT features a captivating digital image of Whitney Houston singing, presented in the form of a dynamic GIF displayed on a digital card.

  1. Limited Edition: This NFT collection is limited to only 1000 copies, making it a highly coveted and rare collection. The exclusivity of the NFTs adds to their value and appeal.
  2. Giveaway Promotion: The first 1000 users who set up a page on the Dreamster Market NFT platform and follow the provided link (https://dreamster.market/users/0x59cE88b3092e61a755165E7D09De984Ff988D007) will have the opportunity to receive one of the Whitney Houston Digital Card GIF NFTs. This promotion aims to engage users and reward early adopters with a unique piece of digital art.